Sunday, September 6, 2009

How To Dress Professionally for Men

>> Step 1

Men’s dress suits – Invest in business apparel basics which consists of solid coloured shirts, dress pants, socks, silk ties, a classy watch, comfortable shoes and a plaint leather belt.

>> Step 2

De-clutter your closet – Iron and hang your dress shirts and coordinating pants in your closet so you have easy access to a coordinated look.

>> Step 3

Focus on being well groomed and polished – Make sure you get your hair cut and styled regularly, and that you shave and have manicured hands. Pick hair styling products to suit your hair.

>> Step 4

Find a Tailor – Well fitting clothes are essential for a professional look. Find a tailor who can neatly hem pants to fit you or make other minor modifications such as taking in the waist of your suit jackets, or shortening sleeves to fit your arm length.

Source: 1klassifieds, New Straits Times, August 29, 2009
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Good one on Personal Development and it helps a lot.

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